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Canada Loop
8-2-15 2:00 pm - Panera Bread
Women Cyclists

This is a bit of a short notice, but anyone who would like to take a "dry run" of our Global Solidarity Ride route can do so this Sunday. This is not a women-only ride, but the pace will not exceed a 15 mph average (which is generally 15-18 mph...

8-2-15 2:00 pm - Panera Bread
Nature in WNY

Thinking about going vegetarian or even vegan? Not sure what it is all about? Or just looking for something fun to do?Then Join us at VegFest! Exhibitors, food, activities and a 5k run are ll part of this fun activity. Wild Spirit will have their...

Sunday Meetup
8-2-15 2:00 pm - Panera Bread
Less Wrong Buffalo

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