Online Advertising

Selling your home? There are many marketing strategies to consider, beyond holding an open house!

When it comes to real estate advertising services, you want to make sure that you are getting your property in front of as many eyes as possible. The more people who see your listing, the greater your chances of starting a bidding war to push your selling price higher. When you work with Rondinelli Real Estate to sell your property, you can have confidence that we are doing everything in our power to promote your listing.


MLS Listing

The multiple listing services (MLS) is our first course of action and will pave the way for other real estate advertising efforts. Listing your property in the MLS makes it available to other real estate agents to show to their clients. It includes all of the relevant details about your property, including size, number of rooms, price and contact information.

Premier Zillow Listings

Zillow is a popular real estate website all over the world, making it ideal for global advertising for your home. We are a Premier Agency on Zillow, which means that all of our listings show up at the top of the search results as preferred listings. When searching through digital advertising for properties, most people start with the results at the top of the list and work their way down. This gives your property the chance to stand out right from the beginning to attract interested buyers.

Additional Digital Advertising

Our real estate advertising efforts don't stop there, though. We also publish your listing through ListHub. This service sends your listing to over 900 real estate websites all over the world, making it a powerful global advertising method. You never know where your buyers might be in the world, so it pays to list your property on as many online outlets as possible to ensure maximum reach.


To learn more about our digital and global advertising services for real estate, get in touch with us today!