MLS Listings

Multiple listing services (MLS) have been a staple of the real estate industry since the late 1800s. The purpose of these services is to provide a centralized database of contractual offers for real estate. This allows real estate brokers to more easily find properties for clients that are looking to buy and for real estate agents that are selling to more easily find buyers. Individual multiple listing services are usually regional, ensuring that buyers can find sellers (and vice versa) in the appropriate area.

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What Information is in an MLS?

Every MLS stores different information, but there are certain key pieces of information that just about everyone stores property data like location, number of rooms of each type, and asking price. Additional information may include neighborhood info, special amenities like swimming pools, and previous sales. All of this information is publicly available to brokers that use the MLS.

Why is Rondinelli an MLS Realtor?

MLS listings have a proven track record of success that is more than a century long. MLS homes are more likely to sell, more likely to sell at or above the price asked, and more likely to sell in a shorter timeframe. Just about every real estate brokerage in the area is an MLS realtor who looks at listings of MLS homes first when helping a client make a purchase. This is why the absolute first step that Rondinelli Real Estate takes when a client wants to sell their home is to create MLS listings for the property in question.

Add Your Property to an MLS Listing with

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If you are selling a home in the western New York area, you need an experienced, licensed real estate broker that takes advantage of MLS. Contact Rondinelli Real Estate to make your sale as fast and hassle-free as possible.