Preparing For an Open House

Selling your home? There are many marketing strategies to consider, beyond holding an open house!

There are a lot of touchpoints that can be taken advantage of before a single soul see the home. The local and physical interaction process is vital for homeowners looking at homes because it gives them a full experience of the house and ends up expediting the decision-making process for them. Here are some tips on ensuring your open house will thrive. 

First impressions

To make a good impression on home buyers, you want to make sure that your home is in the best shape as possible. Clean every inch of your house, make sure it is in pristine condition for when the potential buyers arrive. You should also stage your home done by either yourself or a professional. Take all the personal items like pictures and children's drawings. You want the buyers to visualize them in your house. 


The appearance of an open house can be the end all be all of whether or not the visitors become buyers. Get rid of clutter and knickknacks that are in the way of the simplistic beauty of the house. Another trick is letting natural light into the house. This makes the rooms seem bigger! 

Stay Informed

Make sure the visitors know the specifications of the house you are trying to sell. Have brochures or flyers with pictures, yard space, square footage of the house, how many rooms and bathrooms, etc. If things don't go as well as you planned, then make sure you listen to the feedback that the open house goers give to you/your agent. This could be the last bit of information that takes to sell your home.

It's Just The Beginning

Each approach is as unique as the property. To get your home in front of the right eyes, we may recommend the use of large-scale print ads, professional photography, or even some live media time. Let's get your home sold as fast as possible for as much as you deserve.

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