WNY Housing - Tenant & Property Owner Rights

I recently had the pleasure of joining a couple of my peers on the DJ STARR Let's Talk Show. We discussed the state of housing in WNY and what your rights are as either a tenant or a property owner.

I was looking online for debates on one side or the other, landlord rights vs tenant rights and I felt that that there was nothing where people on one side or the other were actually sitting at the same table, nothing is black and white, there is a huge mix of opinions and I feel like this is a good opportunity to get those ideas out there.

Alongside Christina Tretter-Herriger and Adam Bojak a variety of topics effecting housing in WNY.

The Good Cause Eviction Bill currently pending in NYS legislature and the hope is to stabilize housing and neighborhoods and keep the healthy market. Though well intentioned it may not impact the tenats as they want. Watch the video to see why.

We also discuss they legislation being passed that targets huge real estate conglomerates has a good chance to push out the small, committed landlords and what some worst possible scenarios could be for both the property owner and the tenant.

Affordable housing is huge on my plate right now and we talk about how availabilty and affordability effects housing here in WNY and what is driving up the cost. Buffalo is experiencing a shortage of housing although it is not a new problem as thousands of empty homes have been torn down in the past several decades. We discuss how the Federal Government is failing low income tenants.

60% of the population in Buffalo are renters - and half of those renters are paying more than 30% of their income in rent. How did housing become so unaffordable and what can we do in an attempt to fix this lack of a social safety net?

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